Kitchen Door Repair Plate

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Kitchen Door Hinge Repair Kit

Because they are continually in use kitchen doors are exposed to a serious amount of wear and tear.  As a result over time hinges often work loose, become worn or even break completely. When this happens it can be costly if you need to replace the kitchen door itself. 

This problem is multiplied several times over if that particular door has been discontinued and you need to replace the doors on all your units. For this reason our kitchen door hinge repair kits are invaluable. Our high quality hinge repair kits allow you to repair your existing doors saving the cost of much more costly replacements. 


Some of the more popular ones are below, though if you can’t see the repair kit you are looking for, please call us and we will see if we can supply it.

What is Included in a Kitchen Door Hinge Repair Kit

Our Kitchen door hinge repair kits general consist of  a metal repair plate and mounting screws.  The plate is designed so you can screw it directly onto the area of your cabinet that has become damaged. This will give you a solid base for your replacement hinge. Kitchen door hinge kits give you the chance to refit existing kitchen doors, even in cases where the original hinges have become stripped or badly damaged.

What are the Benefits of Our Kitchen Door Hinge Repair Kits  

In a lot of cases when there is damage to a kitchen cupboard door and the model is still available you may choose to replace the door itself.  However what happens if  that style or colour of kitchen has been discontinued altogether and you are not in a position to replace all your kitchen cupboard doors. 

This is why our hinge repair kits are a game changer when you are faced with broken hinges on cupboard doors on a discontinued kitchen.  Using one of our  hinge repair kits, you can simply replace the broken hinge and breathe new life into your existing door. When you purchase one of our hinge repair kits you will not have to move the kitchen door hinge or the carcass hinges to match our door hinges. 

Our high-quality kitchen hinge repair kits are crafted from durable materials like stainless steel, that will keep your kitchen cupboard doors functioning properly for the foreseeable future.  They are a universal design, which makes them compatible with a wide range of hinge types and cabinets of all different sizes. .

Why Choose one of Our Kitchen Cupboard Door Hinge Repair Kits

Before you go ahead and start replacing broken kitchen cupboard doors take a look at our hinge repair kits. Kitchen repair plates are a speciality of JML Hardware and we take pride in the outstanding quality of our kitchen carcass, door and drawer repair plates. Our hinge repair kits are always in stock at a budget friendly price and we can offer discounts to anyone placing a bulk order. So, if you have broken hinges on any kitchen doors, drawers or carcass call our team today about our affordable hinge repair kits.